Monday, May 23, 2011

Teacher Gift.

Coming from a house filled with teachers I have a few ideas of what not to give a teacher, or at least what my Mom and sister think aren't good teachers gifts. So I LOVE making my own . . .I know very surprising.

Here is my daughter's gift to her teacher. The tote is from Thirty One Gifts, I have filled it with handmade cards, a note block with matching pen and handmade flower clip, all tucked into a fabric gift bag. I do have an ulterior motive as I usually create four of each card and keep two for myself. Increases my card stash as I am making a gift, a win win!

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  1. I used to be a teacher way back when, and I would have loved this gift...lucky teachers! Handmade gifts are always wonderful. One of my favorites was a small framed self potrait with a thank you note on the back.

    I think school is almost over for you guys, right? My kids don't start summer vacation until the end of June.