Monday, June 28, 2010


It is pictures of the above that makes me realize how thankful and blessed I am. I mean how can you not smile or even giggle at these faces! An attitude of gratefulness is one I strive for but seldom achieve. Knowing that I have been blessed to know and love these two kids is beyond my understanding. I look at these kids and then my husband laughing with them and know that God loves me, all of me! He has far more love and confidence in me than I do to have entrusted me with all that I have.

These pictures were taken at Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago. I can't even tell you what we asked both kids to get this same quirky quizzical look but am so grateful the camera captured it.

It also compels me to offer up my thanks to all the other creative bloggers out there. Up till recently I thought I was some creative freak of nature. I daily have to create and if I don't am a big "B" word. Knowing that there are others that feel as I do about creating and crafting is comforting and makes me feel loved by Him yet again. So as I write this I only have two followers one being my Mom and the other is Karen from . Hopefully this post will be viewed in the future by my other followers. If I am able to inspire / share my talent with you then I am very grateful to have passed on the favor. So here forever more is my letter of Thanks to you out there in the "blogoshpere", thank you for sharing the talents that God has given you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative Memories Storybook Software

I have an absolute and total love of the Creative Memories Storybook software. No I am not a consultant nor am I getting benefits for sharing this love! I have created so many cards, scrapbooks, gifts, art . . .I could go on with this software. It is easy to learn if you want to spend just a little time investment. So I wanted to share this great invitation that I made for my sweet friend's 40th birthday using the software. We decided on a lemon/lime theme since the party will be in the middle of July. I created the lemon/lime using water colors on watercolor paper (I admit this step might not be easy if you aren't an artist). Using my scanner, I scanned the image into the Creative Memories Memory Manager software (which I also love). Created my storybook using a custom size 5X7" page.

Using three colors, backgrounds from the Cottage Garden paper kit and the pink mat from the Delight Shopper Diva collection and my own art, I was able to create a unique and fun invitation!
The final product looks a little different than above. Once printed and put together I will post more. Just wanted to share this information!!! If you have any questions about how I did this please feel free to email me. This is such great software and easy to use!
Now after talking about all those lemon and limes I need a Corona!!! :-) Cheers!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teacher Gift Contiued

So once all my cards we created I wanted to find a creative way to package the cards. I saw a smaller version of this in my stash of ideas from Better Homes and Gardens magazine years back (I will post about my idea stash later). For Thanksgiving I made 15 Apple cobblers using the Sam's club package of sliced apples. Never one to throw anything even remotely useful away, I saved the huge tin cans that were leftover. I mean come on how many times am I going to make 15 apple cobblers (I am hoping not more than once a year)! So I purchased un-sharpened #2 pencils and using my glue gun, covered the exterior of the can with pencils. I also created some decorations using my cricut machine and Creative Memories Scrapbook software.

Here is the step by step:
You need a tin can, un-sharpened pencils and a glue gun. If you want to you can use fabric to line the interior and create a bag like I did.

The first step is to line your tin can, using your choice of fabric make a tube and run a gathering edge along one side of the tube. Depending on your can will depend on the fabric you choose. Gather the end of the fabric to make a circle then using your glue gun glue this down. Don't worry about the hole, we will cover this in the next step.

Using a 3" whole punch (or any other circular cutting tool), cut a circle out of heavy card stock. Glue this down using your glue gun onto the open hole. Next start gluing your pencils to your can. A couple of pointers; use the bottom "lip" of the can to ensure the bottom edge is straight. Also stop frequently to check to ensure your pencils are going straight.

After you are finished you can glue a ribbon around the container and you have a unique Teacher container. You can fill it will just about anything! I saw this used originally to hold a bouquet of flowers.