Friday, May 20, 2011

Another transformed Crystal Light Container

I purchased gift cards for my son's teachers and wanted an unexpected gift box. So again I took this:

and turned it into these:
I was at Michael's recently and discovered a line of customizable ribbons like I made above. They were really pretty but at $5.99 to $7.99 a bit steep for my budget. Who can pass up creating a package out of a recycled drink container and scrap paper! I used some scrap tulle, some shapes from my Cricut, and a stamp from my stash! Took me about 15 minutes. So frilly and fun.

I am hoping for the sun around our parts. I literally saw the sun for the first time Thursday in a week. No I didn't exaggerate, one solid week of gray Sky and rain. We also are celebrating the end of school next week! For an East coast girl this is a bit hard to accept but I have some fun things planned. Going to be a bit brave and post our summer list of things to do here. Maybe then I will actually get them done! :-)

Hope you all are able to enjoy these last weeks of kids in school!


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