Monday, May 9, 2011

A Simple and in-expensive cord solution

A nightly ritual for my hubby and I is too sit in our recliners (yes we are below the age of 80) and watch movies or TV. We LOVE media in our house . . .my hubby is the resident geek in the family which helps feed our love. The other thing we like to do is pull out our laptops and surf /read blogs (in my case) and work in his case. As a result we have a few cords in between our two recliners. We are always trying to de-tangle and figure which is hers and which is his cord.

I discovered this file holder/magazine holder in Steinmart this past week. It was inexpensive at $7.99 was wide enough and a hole to feed the cords through. Yeah!!! No longer will I have to view all the cords lying on the floor in between our chairs. I need to tidy it up a little bit more but wanted to share this idea.

You could even put a surge protector in the bottom and feed the cords through the hole at the top.

I want to put a "top" on it to really conceal the whole thing.

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