Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My new love!

My lovely hubby Mr. Jackpot loves well manicured hands and pedicured feet. So yes he lets me get pampered often. One of the many reasons I affectionately call him Mr. Jackpot (thanks to my friend Pam for the idea)! He recently purchased a salon package for me from a local salon. The first visit was to get a manicure with a new shellac nail polish.

What is this?!?!? I call the salon and the lovely receptionist informs me that it is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Let me back up and share with you that I absolutely hate getting my nails done. Between having two small kids, and all my crafts the polish NEVER lasts more than 24 hours (typically less than 24 minutes). So when I was told my polish would last from 10 - 14 days and not chip I was intrigued and skeptical. They aren't acrylic nails so no thick nail to deal with or refills to be paid for. You do need a special pad to remove the polish or use acetone. It is not supposed to damage your nails.
Well after five full days of cleaning, cooking and doing crafts . . . .I have no chips, peeling polish and they are STILL shiny. OMG!!!! I am so hooked! Not exactly a budget friendly manicure but so worth it!

Sorry for the granny hands (The orange mark on my thumb is stampin ink) but had to share this news. I know so many Moms out there that share the same sentiment and had to share this with you!
The polish my salon used is CND, I am wearing Masquerade. On the website you can search for a salon near you on this site as well. Will let you know how they look in 5 more days. I do plan on getting this done again, though not sure when.

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  1. I'm going to have to check that out! I don't wear fingernail polish for that reason, but always love to have pretty toes =)