Thursday, December 8, 2016

For the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

For the 12 days of Christmas

My Red truck gave to me . . . . .a great way to get something free!

I love getting mail which is part of the reason I make cards, so others can have fun getting that something extra special in the mail too!

So in the spirit of the holidays (and yes to promote my card-making hobby/business), I'm giving away cards for 12 days (starting December 8th - December 20th 2016).

Here is how it works:
Follow my blog!  (Look to the right below my "About Me" section.)
Once done send me an email at
Please put free cards in the subject line.
Make sure you include your mailing address (this won't be shared).

I will send you a card that you can either keep or send to someone special.  An envelope will be included.  It's my pick however if you're looking for something specific please let me know and I will try to make it fit the occasion.
Okay  . . .I know you are thinking nothing is free right?  Well the only condition is to keep the business card that is attached to the back of the card.

Wait I would like more than one free card please!!
To get a second card you can go to my Facebook page.  If the link doesn't work you can try searching MyRedTruckDesigns on Facebook..  Like my page and post in the comments section under the 12 days give away post.  I'll send you a second one.
Sorry but two freebies is all I can do.

Let's keep the joy of snail mail going!