Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pulling together a Dining Room

Here is a picture of the dining room in my old house.

When we moved I had the movers take the top of the hutch and put it in our basement. This actually all started with my husband wanting to replace our dining room set. It was not ours it was my Mom's. While I wasn't too enamored with it myself I have grown to love it for many reasons. One it was my Mom's, two I love the fact it is completely solid wood. Totally replacing the set is not in the budget plus I just can't get rid of something that there is nothing wrong with! :-)
Here are some design ideas I pulled together. Hoping to have the budget to do it all. The chairs might have to wait a while. I am horrible at pulling together patterns. I tend to stick to simple combinations. The dining room is the first room you see when you enter my home. So I thought it prudent to pull this room together first.
The blue square is the paint color, Windy Blue by Sherwin Williams. The carpet is staying, it is an antique given to us by my in-laws. I want to keep the table and the black bench. The buffet will stay too. I am trying to figure out drapes and chairs. Should I do colored chairs, or simple beige? The patterned squares are for the drapes and I am very unsure about these combinations. Any thoughts?

Here are some better pictures of our dining room and the table.

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