Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On vacation!

I should posted earlier! We are on an East Coast tour. We will be gone a total of three weeks!! I have serious blogger & creative withdraw! Of course we haven't been bored, a bout with food poisoning and a 4yr old needing stitches has kept us busy! Will have a blog posting marathon when I get back!

Hope everyone is loving their new summer schedule!



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daughter's Room evolving. . .

Another sneak peek of an element in my daughters room. A little galvanized sheet metal, some weather stripping and fabric cover. Working on it this week and will reveal what this is all used for soon! Any guesses?!?!?! :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

101 uses for chalkboard adhesive paper!

I have done a previous post using adhesive chalkboard paper I found at Micheal's. I believe I payed about $4.99 for a roll (I purchased two). It is truly amazing how many uses for this product I have found. Probably would be very easy to find a 101 uses for this paper.

The first use was the re-purposed window frame.

My second use was in the kitchen as well. The soap dispensers were found at target, but we were forever confusing which was hand soap and wish was dish soap. Using my Cricut, I cut the adhesive chalkboard paper and labeled them, and used chalk pens to write on them. I found it very easy to use this paper. In fact it worked to use my cutting mat that hand slightly less tack to it.

The third use was to label the allowance jars for my kids. I needed something that I could keep track of how much was in the jar. I was going to decorate them however i love the simplicity of them. I was going to invest in the jars that are electronic but being that I had the jars and the paper these were available and cost nothing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabric Choices for Daughter's room

I picked up some great fabric over the weekend for my daughter's room. I realized after I returned from the store I had some fabric in my stash that had the same colors in it. I am very bad at combining prints so some feedback is much appreciated. Should I add the floral into the mix or just keep the three solids and polka-dots? I am a little worried it will be too busy and always try to keep an odd number of elements.
The fabric will be used for accent elements only. The drapes will be simple and accented with some of the fabric as well.
So should it include the green checked fabric with the embroidered tulip?

Thanks so much for your feedback.

I am progressing well an the mural and am hoping to finish this up over the weekend. Stay tuned next week for the big reveal!