Friday, May 6, 2011

My Favorite Things Friday

I had a very close relationship with my paternal grandfather. He gave me this letter to my father (Cecil) from Santa when I was in college. My mother had it framed for me and I have cherished it ever since.


Here is the text:

Mr. Cecil Tate.

Dear Cecil:

Your letter received and I like to hear from and write little boys like you.

Depend on me boy to be at your home the night before Christmas. I will be there just as sure and the sun arose this morning and you depend on me. Will have lots and lots of toys and games for the boys in and around Seaford and if the roads are clear I think I will use the new truck, should it snow you be sure your father has the paths clear and that your mother has a good warm fire.

Be good boy, don't eat too much, always look both ways before you cross the roads as we don't want any sick or injured boys on Christmas or any other day.

Take good care of your brother, mother and father and I will be on the job.

Until Then,

your old friend


North Pole

Dec. 15 1940


I especially love the typewriter that drops the letters. The fact that it came from my grandfather whose picture is in the dictionary next to cantankerous is even better!

Enjoy! I have two more favorite posts and then some great posts for next week!

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  1. What a wonderful keepsake... this must have meant a lot to your father to have kept it all these years!! Hard to believe that this Santa was cantankerous!! haha or rather hoho
    Take care!