Sunday, July 31, 2011

For the love of pillows!

I had come up with idea that I wanted a round pleated pillow for my master bedroom. Of course I wanted to create it myself using leftover fabric from the valances. I tried to see if there was someone who had come up with a pattern (free of course) but couldn't. Now that I have come up with one myself of course I have decided to go a different route with the master bedroom pillows! :-) Gotta love creative creation. At least it didn't cost me anything but time. I created the muslin pattern and then used some leftover fabric from the guestroom.
I do like the results and used a vintage button to finish it off.

My loss can be your gain though! :-)

I thought a giveaway would be a great start to the weekend. Post as many times as you want, refer a friend and get entered twice! Just have your friend post who referred them.
I will draw the winner on Sunday!
The winner will receive the green toile pillow pictured above without stuffing. The pillow measures 16" in diameter, just needs stuffing and a needle and thread to close it up. I will also include the pattern to create another pillow.
So good luck and remember refer a friend and you get counted twice! :-)

Stay tuned too. . .I have a great sewing project I want to share next week. It involves the Thirty-One skirt purse and another Friday giveaway! :-)

Instructions for Pillow:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun watering can craft!

I do like Family Fun magazine. Admittedly it is a little overwhelming when the issues stack up and I haven't tackled any of the craft projects. I know creating stress for myself not a smart move.

We did one of the crafts this morning. In the May (yes I said May and I am fully aware it is July) issue it was the elephant water can project. We didn't make elephants. They made their own animals.

All it took was:
4 Milk jugs (to make a total of 2)
Hot glue gun
Sharp craft knife
Awl or ice pic

Most of the work I had to do and it was a bit tricky getting the "spout" onto the milk jug but perseverance and a lot of hot glue later we have some great water cans. Oh and it killed about an hour.

Oh yeah and it does entice the kids to water the flowers. They asked if they could water again tomorrow. They even used the water cans to water themselves when we broke out the slip and slide this afternoon! :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Air Ferns!

My Mom and I were shopping in Franklin TN a couple of months ago. Which I should do an entire post on as this is the greatest small town ever! Seriously I could spend an entire day on the main street and never be bored.
We came across a small garden shop that was selling these beautiful simple glass vases and they each contained an Air Fern (also known as air plant).
In our new home we have a double window over our kitchen sink. It gets great indirect light, perfect for these air plants.
I hung three in front of my window hanging from a curtain rod. I plan on putting a simple valance to cover up the top. Ignore the green tape, the builder forgot to paint the entire wall and it needs to be touched up.

The other lovely thing about these plants are they are easy care! A spritz with some water every now and then.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We have been picked!

Our family has been researching getting a dog for over 2 years now. I have an allergy to dogs that ranges from hives to throat closing. This required us to go through a breeder. We decided on a Goldendoodle (an offspring of a golden retriever, and poodle).

We visited a breeder this morning and all I can say we were picked. She bounded over to us, covered us in wet puppy kisses and generally just hung around us the entire visit. She would play with her other puppy mates then come back. Honestly never experienced anything like it. I was totally smitten and also surprised that we could be so sure which puppy was right for us.

So in a little under 2 weeks we will be bringing home a female Goldendoodle puppy. Now the fun and hard part. Just when I thought I was over potty training! :-)

Here are some awe ain't she cute pictures! Oh and maybe you could leave a comment and vote on a name?!?! We each have our favorite which is making it hard.

So what do you think, is she a





Friday, July 15, 2011

To do List for Katherine's Room

So I had posted yesterday my dauther's room that I have been working on. Here is the lenghthy to do list. If you are wondering where on earth I am this is where!

1) Drapes . . .I have searched for pink drapes and couldn't come up with any that suited so these will have to be hand made.
2) paint armoire and dresser -> This will have to wait for the fall.
3) Replace fabric in armoire with polka dots.
4) put shelving over the dresser
5) Find a better vanity table
6) Replace bedside table
7) Replace temporary blinds with plantation shutters.
8) Slip cover chair
9) Make duvet cover for comforter
Hmmm . . .yeah I have a lot to do.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Katherine's Room evolved.

So I was holding out to publish my daughter's room when it was finished. Well hmmm. . .yeah see you next year! LOL
So here is how my daughter's room looks right now. I have a list of items to complete and will post them tomorrow.
I absolutely loved working on this room. I am also glad that I insisted on painting the room a couple shades lighter than what she had picked.

The trees are very "Dr. Seuss" as my hubby describes them. Didn't plan on making them this way they kind of evolved. My daughter wanted birch trees, she picked them out from a book. I am going to work more on the leaves as they don't look exactly how I want them to.

The banner above her bed is magnetic. I covered metal squares in fabric, now she has plenty of space to hang her photos, momentos and pictures. She loves to draw and collect. I am constantly finding small pieces of paper and drawings all over her room. I hung each banner with the 3M hooks that will come off without marking the walls. I LOVE this product.

The butterfilies are mirrors. The light reflects off them so sweetly.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am tired!

This is a vent post! I apologize completely that my first post is a complaint. I came down with food poisoning while on vacation. Yes I said food poisoning. That shouldn't happen to anyone!
Apparently my depressed immune system couldn't handle recovery and this developed into a bacterial infection. I posted a while ago that I have fibromyalgia. Due to this I am on some heavy prescriptions, which my doctor suspects has also caused an ulcer. Really really???
I am 38, a mother of two small kids & a hubby has his own company so he works hard! I don't have the energy or time to deal with an ulcer and stomach issues.
So of course after finding all this out what did I have to do after? Of course drive home from Philadelphia to Nashville TN!
I drove for 14 hours including breaks(for my son to eat not me I couldn't eat)! I did stop overnight thankfully.
So after returning home & kissing the ground & actually looking forward to cleaning the house (3 weeks is longtime to be gone), I was ready for some stress free days.
Well no that was not destined to be. I returned home to find out my health insurance was screwed up and I was left with no health insurance. My family was covered but not me.
Being that my hubby is an entrepreneur we have to seek our own health insurance. Has any tried do this lately? Why oh why does this have to be so emotional and stressful?!?! The whole pre-existing condition thing is ridiculous! Hmmm let me see you will Cover me for everything but what I have already been diagnosed for?
So God is good, this is what I am left with. After my hubby's prayer at dinner I realize this. After talking to my Mother-N-Law who has been in the hospital for 50 days and she says she had a good day. After talking to my Mom and being able to vent. After hearing how much fun my daughter is having with my sister & niece, God is good.
Looking at this & being left with God is good is really awesome! I believe I need to start and end with this. I mean after all framing it all with God is good really colors anything after that.