Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Country Living Fair / Post 3

13) I loved this idea. This vendor took old books and used the covers and some of their pages, along with blank pages for journals. He used damaged books or those recycled from libraries.
14) Burlap & Lace. I really like the formality of lace pair with the utilitarian burlap. These were simple table runners. There were also place mats and matching napkins.
15) & 18) Quilts. I have never really been one to quilt nor have I had an interest in quilting until this trip. There were so many quilts on display. This vendor had a lot of kits available as well as other kits.
16) There were quite a few vendors selling their own pottery. This gentleman had his potter's wheel on display and I do believe there was an HGTV crew filming him so maybe we will see him on TV. He did a great job of explaining his process.
17) More fabric pumpkins! I actually fell in love with this one which has a pocket. I think this has made it on my to make list!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Country Living Fair / Post 2

7) Fabric pumpkins! These were everywhere. Each vendor had their own take on them. This display was pretty cool. Not only did I love the pumpkins but they way she displayed them. Think, tiered cake stands but with tables.
8) I just loved this arrangement / display. It truly was incredible to see some of these displayed in the middle of a park.
9) I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this artist's work. He had maps of the US as well as other sculptures. I loved the idea of reusing jeans in artwork.
10) Re-Purpose!!! I got to visit this booth twice. For those of you that watch HGTV, this is Cash & Cari's store. Scroll down to see a picture of me and yes Cari!!!! I was so giddy to meet her.
11) Snapped a photo of this dog all ready for Halloween. Couldn't resist! This little fellow followed around his owner very loyally without a leash. Actually there were quite a few dogs around.
12) Beauty. All around us there was such a wonderful display of color. It was truly breathtaking and I so want to go back to Stone Mountain to explore it further.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I got to go!!!

I can't believe I got a weekend away with my Mom. It was so wonderful. The perfect fall weekend to make it to the Atlanta Country Living Fair. The weather was absolutely perfect for fall. I plan on posting several times on what I found. I basically have broken into some categories of, what I saw, what I want to make and what I purchased!

Here begins my first post of what I saw.

1) Pumpkins! There was a central pumpkin patch which was very impressive and was used for many a background for a photos shoot or two!
2) Under a pavilion was the general store, they sold some country living items, including t-shirts. They also had some very pretty table-scapes. I loved this with old keys.
3) This was a display at one of the many food vendors in the "farmers market" area. I loved the wagon and flowers.
4) This was such a cool furniture booth. I loved the creative way she re-upholstered this chair. It wouldn't ever occur to me to do this asymmetrical treatment with ribbon.
5) At the same booth was this wing chair. I absolutely love how she adorned the back. What a great addition to a back of a chair that faces another area.
6) There were many witches shoes, but I loved these. This booth had candles set all over their booth and they smelled so quintessential fall!