Monday, July 5, 2010

Grandma's album

After purchasing some antique postcards at a wonderful shop here in Richmond VA my Mom told me she thought she had her Mom's old album. Lo and behold she brought a rich treasure over to my home a few days later! What a treasure trove of wonderful vintage valentines, old poems she wrote, photos and miscellaneous other mementos that obviously meant a great deal to her. My Grandmother's name was Priscilla Hommon (maiden name Trimmer). Above is a picture of her father, George Charles Trimmer. I will have to say this is one of my favorite photos now! I would have LOVED to have had the chance to know him, so if someone has invented that time machine sign me up on a waiting list! :-) My Mom said he was known for his humorous side and it shows completely through this photo.

Below are two more treasures I have come across and this doesn't even reach half way down page #1!! So I will share over the next few days/weeks, my finds.

I am also going to try to offer a free download of my own creation every Friday. I am hoping to have time to create this weekly but am now asking for some grace to be forwarded to me if I don't! :-)
To all of you who are now following me as a result of Karen from Sew Many Ways, I feel very blessed and uplifting. It is very inspiring and motivating when you know there is a good chance your posts will be read! Thank you and I hope to encourage some smiles along the way as you have made me smile!

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  1. Very nice Vickie! Your blog is wonderful.

    Thank you for your kind visit. You are always welcome anytime my friend. ~Melissa :)