Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exploring Priscilla Hommon's Album

As I posted previously I am lucky enough to be going through one of my grandmother's albums. The collection isn't chronologically organized but then again some of the pages have come off the binding and it could be ordered differently than she intended it to.
I came across a small envelope that was titled "Treasures of Priscilla R. Trimmer" (see picture). I pulled out two small newspaper clippings. I found her birth announcement and another curious article. It turns out that at age two Priscilla swallowed a straight pin. So there I am holding the pin in one hand and the newspaper article in another and realized a little too late that I am holding THE pin that she swallowed!!! Ewwwwwe!!! Then rational thought took hold and I realized that probably any germs would not survive that long (and if they do please don't tell me about it)! Funny how swallowing a straight pin made the news. Funnier still is that she or someone decided to put this all in a little envelop and label it as a treasure!!
It also didn't escape me that 2 year olds no matter when they are born seem to do similar things. Seriously what must have been going through her mind to pick that straight pin up and swallow it! Hope this gives you a chuckle or at least makes you hide all your straight pins if a 2 year old happens to be in your home! I hope to post more discoveries this week!

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  1. But what a wonderful way to help you 'see' your grandmother as a little girl - just like every other little girl!