Monday, June 28, 2010


It is pictures of the above that makes me realize how thankful and blessed I am. I mean how can you not smile or even giggle at these faces! An attitude of gratefulness is one I strive for but seldom achieve. Knowing that I have been blessed to know and love these two kids is beyond my understanding. I look at these kids and then my husband laughing with them and know that God loves me, all of me! He has far more love and confidence in me than I do to have entrusted me with all that I have.

These pictures were taken at Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago. I can't even tell you what we asked both kids to get this same quirky quizzical look but am so grateful the camera captured it.

It also compels me to offer up my thanks to all the other creative bloggers out there. Up till recently I thought I was some creative freak of nature. I daily have to create and if I don't am a big "B" word. Knowing that there are others that feel as I do about creating and crafting is comforting and makes me feel loved by Him yet again. So as I write this I only have two followers one being my Mom and the other is Karen from . Hopefully this post will be viewed in the future by my other followers. If I am able to inspire / share my talent with you then I am very grateful to have passed on the favor. So here forever more is my letter of Thanks to you out there in the "blogoshpere", thank you for sharing the talents that God has given you!


  1. Hi Vickie,
    I have to tell you that our family has been so busy for the longest time. I haven't had time to read my favorite blogs in a while. I try to do more posts, answer more emails and do the regular life stuff reading blogs has taken a back seat. Hopefully it will change soon, but in the meantime I scroll quickly through my blog reading list to see if a picture captures me. Well, guess which one I clicked on? Your children are the cutest ever. I absolutely love these pictures and such a wonderful post about your family. I know the feeling. We feel blessed to have such wonderful children too. Enjoy every minute with them...before you know it they'll both be going off to college together. Wish me luck in August when both our girls will be gone.
    Take care and talk to you soon,

  2. Oh yes, darling children, and what a blessing they are! I feel the same way about my own children as well. What mother doesn't?


  3. Great blog! I followed you over from Sew Many Ways.

  4. I found you through Sew Many Ways! I love your seems you have similar content to mine. I'm a new follower :)

  5. HI Vickie!
    Hope you don't mind but I thought I would peek into your little corner of the world..and you have turned me into a follower. I am a crafter too..but have been consumed with quilting! I was very impressed with the teacher's gifts...I taught Grade one for many years and I would have been THRILLED to receive that!! It's a keeper!! Take care!

  6. Hi Vickie! I found you through Sew Many Ways, and I only just found Sew Many Ways! I am a creator too. I am the mom that drives my kids nuts by drawing little pictures on their lunch bags, and niggles at them to make their school projects 'prettier'. I do cross stitch, and I love to write! I too get very B wordy if I don't get some of what I call 'butt time' every day. I too feel very blessed for many reasons. I remember when my kids were as little and as cute as yours. Enjoy them for you are blessed indeed. Nice to meet you.

  7. Hi Vickie - I too found you through Karen at Sew Many Ways. Those pictures of your children are so precious!!! I don't have many followers yet, but love blogging, and following blogs - am so inspired and blessed by so many out there! Your obvious love for the Lord has certainly encouraged me this morning. Thanks for joining blog-land - nice to get to know you.