Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freebie Friday! Christmas In July Theme


Hmmm I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats to know who has won!!! ;-) Congratulations to the Winner: Osage Bluff Quilter!!! Please send me an email with your mailing address and I will get these out to you directly!

Hopefully I will gain some more followers soon, who are interested in my give aways. I know I am a new blogger and it will take time! So thanks for all that are listening out there and hope you have a great July. I think retailers are trying to cash in on Christmas in July as I see it all over the place. They are either hoping for better sales or are trying to keep people cooled down by reminding them of winter.

I know there have been several other blogs out there that have done a Christmas in July post so I thought I would borrow that idea.
One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to send cards out. Believe it or not (actually if you know me this isn't a stretch to imagine) I used to do a handmade small watercolor for each card I would send. Yes this took me a while however I was young, and single! Now married, with 2 kids I value sleep too much to take on that endeavor again. However I always make my own cards in some way. Last year I used the Creative Memories Storybook software to create my cards using vintage Christmas Post cards I scanned into the software.
Above are the examples of the cards I sent out (just the fronts). I used parts of each vintage postcard to create my own using the cutting tools within the software. This became quite addicting! I also loved that I could virtually cut the postcards up without having to touch the original at all.
In the spirit of Freebie Friday I have created a small tag for you to use on your own. Again please use this for your own creations and not for profit!

Since I do love giving . . .post a comment and I will use a random number generator to give that poster the set of tags pictured below. You will recieve in the mail (USA only please) a set of 6 tags (2 of each). 4 of them have glitter embelishment. These are all original creations from parts and pieces of vintage post cards. The back is blank so you could write your own message or continue embelishing if you like! I will announce the winner on Saturday! Good Luck!

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