Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Download Friday plus bonus give away!

Free Download Friday!!!!
And the winner is Brenda!
The question was is there a Hebrews 14? The answer is no, but my very first Bible study was a Beth Moore study. She talked about Hebrews being centered on people living a faith centered life and asked the question what will your Hebrews 14 look like? I loved that thought and wanted to make a t-shirt that reads Hebrews 14. You would either get people asking you what is in Hebrews 14 or others saying your t-shirt is wrong . .there is no Hebrews 14! Either way it would be a great ice breaker and allow you to share your faith story.
On another note I realized if I am going to be doing a free gift I need to make it a little more exciting so next Friday I hope to use the random generator to make the give away a little more exciting! Thanks for reading!
I am hoping my creative juices keep up with this endeavor!! I am hoping to post a free item to download and use every Friday. The good part is I think I have a pretty good stash of items to pull from in case of emergencies! For my first freebie please click here to download a pdf document that has some great tags on it!!! Use them for whatever your creative brains can think up!! (Oh and I would love to post pictures of how you used the tags just email me)!! Also if anyone has a better way to post downloads please let me know. It took the better part of an hour and many screams at my two kids for them to stop asking me questions until I figured it out. I wanted to post a sheet of the tags as a PDF and not individual images to make it easier on you. Does anyone out there in "blogosphere" know how to post PDF files easily to a blog?

I absolutely love giving and would LOVE to give away the hand made tags pictured below. The are each unique and are blank on the back for your special message. The come packaged in a bag.

The first person that posts the correct answer to the below question will be the recipient of the tags above.

In the Bible is there a Hebrews chapter 14?

I will post the winner on Saturday July 10th and tell you why I ask this question! Hope everyone is staying cool!!


  1. Hebrews only goes to Chapter 13.

  2. Well, I'm too late, because Brenda already got it right!!! Congratulations, Brenda, enjoy the tags!

  3. Those handmade tags are beautiful! I upload a PDF file to Google Docs, then I am able to get a URL for the document that I want to link to in my blog. It's worked pretty well for me.

  4. I love Beth Moore Bible studies. I am doing her Summer Siesta Sisters Bible study in the book of Ruth.
    I love your tags. So honored that I won them!!!