Saturday, July 16, 2011

We have been picked!

Our family has been researching getting a dog for over 2 years now. I have an allergy to dogs that ranges from hives to throat closing. This required us to go through a breeder. We decided on a Goldendoodle (an offspring of a golden retriever, and poodle).

We visited a breeder this morning and all I can say we were picked. She bounded over to us, covered us in wet puppy kisses and generally just hung around us the entire visit. She would play with her other puppy mates then come back. Honestly never experienced anything like it. I was totally smitten and also surprised that we could be so sure which puppy was right for us.

So in a little under 2 weeks we will be bringing home a female Goldendoodle puppy. Now the fun and hard part. Just when I thought I was over potty training! :-)

Here are some awe ain't she cute pictures! Oh and maybe you could leave a comment and vote on a name?!?! We each have our favorite which is making it hard.

So what do you think, is she a






  1. What a daughter has a Golden Doodle...Lola is the best dog and VERY smart! She goes with a dog walker every day...anyways while at a park one of the smaller dogs got in trouble while wading in a swept away and Lola jumped in, swam to the little guy, banked her on the swift side and pushed her to the shore...Saved her life!! They are INCREDIBLE dogs!! All the names are cute but Cassidy is sweet and you can shorten it to Cassi....and she looks like a Cassi, don't you think?

  2. she's a maggie for sure!! congratulations!! she is beautiful. i have always liked the goldendoodle. we have a german shepherd named Liberty (female), a yorkie named Calpurnia (female), a cocker spaniel named Readen (female) & a new beagle named Flash (male). Girl dogs are the best. they are very protective. you dont own them - they own you!!

  3. She is adorable!!! We felt the same way, our pup Jack pretty much HUGGED us into picking him!! We couldn't resist. We've only had ours for three days but I can tell he is SPECIAL!!!! Congrats!!!

    We got a crate for Jack for night time and HE LOVES IT!!! He goes in it freely whenever he needs a little nappy. :-) He is amazing, his temperament and personality is WONDERFUL.

  4. Pete says Maggie, but Celia and I wanted throw Maisey in the mix

  5. So cute! My vote is Maggie.