Monday, July 18, 2011

Air Ferns!

My Mom and I were shopping in Franklin TN a couple of months ago. Which I should do an entire post on as this is the greatest small town ever! Seriously I could spend an entire day on the main street and never be bored.
We came across a small garden shop that was selling these beautiful simple glass vases and they each contained an Air Fern (also known as air plant).
In our new home we have a double window over our kitchen sink. It gets great indirect light, perfect for these air plants.
I hung three in front of my window hanging from a curtain rod. I plan on putting a simple valance to cover up the top. Ignore the green tape, the builder forgot to paint the entire wall and it needs to be touched up.

The other lovely thing about these plants are they are easy care! A spritz with some water every now and then.

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