Thursday, July 14, 2011

Katherine's Room evolved.

So I was holding out to publish my daughter's room when it was finished. Well hmmm. . .yeah see you next year! LOL
So here is how my daughter's room looks right now. I have a list of items to complete and will post them tomorrow.
I absolutely loved working on this room. I am also glad that I insisted on painting the room a couple shades lighter than what she had picked.

The trees are very "Dr. Seuss" as my hubby describes them. Didn't plan on making them this way they kind of evolved. My daughter wanted birch trees, she picked them out from a book. I am going to work more on the leaves as they don't look exactly how I want them to.

The banner above her bed is magnetic. I covered metal squares in fabric, now she has plenty of space to hang her photos, momentos and pictures. She loves to draw and collect. I am constantly finding small pieces of paper and drawings all over her room. I hung each banner with the 3M hooks that will come off without marking the walls. I LOVE this product.

The butterfilies are mirrors. The light reflects off them so sweetly.

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