Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am tired!

This is a vent post! I apologize completely that my first post is a complaint. I came down with food poisoning while on vacation. Yes I said food poisoning. That shouldn't happen to anyone!
Apparently my depressed immune system couldn't handle recovery and this developed into a bacterial infection. I posted a while ago that I have fibromyalgia. Due to this I am on some heavy prescriptions, which my doctor suspects has also caused an ulcer. Really really???
I am 38, a mother of two small kids & a hubby has his own company so he works hard! I don't have the energy or time to deal with an ulcer and stomach issues.
So of course after finding all this out what did I have to do after? Of course drive home from Philadelphia to Nashville TN!
I drove for 14 hours including breaks(for my son to eat not me I couldn't eat)! I did stop overnight thankfully.
So after returning home & kissing the ground & actually looking forward to cleaning the house (3 weeks is longtime to be gone), I was ready for some stress free days.
Well no that was not destined to be. I returned home to find out my health insurance was screwed up and I was left with no health insurance. My family was covered but not me.
Being that my hubby is an entrepreneur we have to seek our own health insurance. Has any tried do this lately? Why oh why does this have to be so emotional and stressful?!?! The whole pre-existing condition thing is ridiculous! Hmmm let me see you will Cover me for everything but what I have already been diagnosed for?
So God is good, this is what I am left with. After my hubby's prayer at dinner I realize this. After talking to my Mother-N-Law who has been in the hospital for 50 days and she says she had a good day. After talking to my Mom and being able to vent. After hearing how much fun my daughter is having with my sister & niece, God is good.
Looking at this & being left with God is good is really awesome! I believe I need to start and end with this. I mean after all framing it all with God is good really colors anything after that.

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