Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun watering can craft!

I do like Family Fun magazine. Admittedly it is a little overwhelming when the issues stack up and I haven't tackled any of the craft projects. I know creating stress for myself not a smart move.

We did one of the crafts this morning. In the May (yes I said May and I am fully aware it is July) issue it was the elephant water can project. We didn't make elephants. They made their own animals.

All it took was:
4 Milk jugs (to make a total of 2)
Hot glue gun
Sharp craft knife
Awl or ice pic

Most of the work I had to do and it was a bit tricky getting the "spout" onto the milk jug but perseverance and a lot of hot glue later we have some great water cans. Oh and it killed about an hour.

Oh yeah and it does entice the kids to water the flowers. They asked if they could water again tomorrow. They even used the water cans to water themselves when we broke out the slip and slide this afternoon! :-)

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