Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Moms sew right?

February is our month for birthdays. It makes February fly by. I will share some of my ideas for their two parties in another post. We did a super hero training theme for my son who turned 5. For my daughter who turned 9 we did a sleepover.

In addition to celebrating birthdays we are in the midst of the flu! Although we all got flu shots, my 5 year old managed to get it. Poor thing, he had a 103 degree fever for three days. I think we are on the other side of this and he will probably be right as rain by Sunday.

As if two birthdays, the Flu, valentine's day were not enough my daughter had a sock hop at her school. I found out that many of the 3rd grade students rent '50s costumes. This stunned me! I can't imagine shelling out that kind of money for a 3rd grade dance that was held at school, during the day on a 1/2 day of school. Really?!?!?
Being able to sew has its advantages, I purchased some pink felt at 50% off and for $3.92 she had a poodle skirt!
Being able to sew has its disadvantages. I asked my daughter if all the girls wore skirts. She replied no. Then we had the below conversation:

Daughter: "Mom I don't know why their mom couldn't just sew one for them. I mean it isn't that hard, you do it all the time"
Me: "Well not every mom knows how to sew or has the time. It also isn't as easy as it looks"
Daughter: "I thought all Moms knew how to sew"
Me: "No they don't"
Daughter: "Well that is just silly"

I am wondering if she thinks there is some sort of Mom camp that we all attend. Funny how myopic your child's world can get. My Mom still sews and my Sister does too, so I think this just reinforced her thinking that all Moms sew.

Happy Bogging everyone!

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