Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday refer a friend give away!

I really love making cards, they are fun to put together, and inexpensive and I can easily give them out. If I was Oprah rich I think I would be constantly buying gifts for everyone, I so enjoy giving them. I also enjoy getting mail! In my old home I could tell when the mailman's car was in our small street by the sound of his engine. This new home, the mailman comes it seems at a different time each day and I can never hear him.

So in the spirit of giving and receiving, I want to give away the set of cards below. They are made using the Fox and Friends stamp set from Stampin up. You and a friend will receive one of each for a total of 5 cards each, I will even throw in the envelopes! The winner will be selected next Wednesday by Noon.

To enter:

  • Get a friend to follow my blog
  • Leave a comment on who your friend is
  • Have your friend leave a comment
  • A winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday noon central time.
  • Happy Blogging!

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