Monday, February 6, 2012

Want Ad

Want Ad
Happily married female seeking unconditional love, and forgiveness. I also require someone to listen to me even when I complain and am at my worst. Someone to provide a set of rules for me to live by and grants me salvation if I believe in them. It would help if you could provide a reference for all promises you have kept as well as a way to cover all my sins. Additionally I require a sense of joy and grace that will come by following you. A bonus would be eternal life.

I thought about this when I went to a new church thisSunday. Unfortunately I thought of this because the sermon was disjointed and couldn’t hold my attention. But I did get to thinking if I was to put a want ad together that would seek to satisfy all the “holes” I feel when I am restless this is how it would go. Funny once I finished it I saw so clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit saying yes there is only ONE that can provide all that!

Although I am late in posting this I thought it might give a reminder what following Him can bring. I don’t feel all the items in the want ad all the time. Often I hear the voice of God screaming YES!!!! This dear Vickie is what I have been trying to tell you! Lately I have felt there is something that I need to look very seriously at as I truly believe He is calling me to do something. When/if I can articulate thisI will. For now I am just thankful that I can come to Him often and He NEVER fails to listen. Often he responds very promptly and clearly, Hallelujah!!


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