Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girl Scout Craft hijacked by the Flu!

My Brownie troop had the opportunity to attend a Festival of States. We chose the State of Virginia to research. We were to make a booth around information about Virginia along with a small craft to sell. I had researched the Popsicle bracelets and decided these adorned with a paper dogwood flower would be inexpensive and great for the girls to make.

Little did I know that both myself and my son would get the flu! Well I have about 50 beautiful bracelets and a wonderful Virginia poster if anyone is interested. Oh well, the girls worked so hard but life sometimes hands out disappointments. Which I guess is just as much a lesson to learn as discovering things you didn't know about a neighboring state.

I had put together instructions for each brownie to put together their Popsicle bracelet and a bookmark. Let me just say that getting these Popsicle sticks to curve is no small task AND it takes a lot of patience, AND be prepared to break a lot! Thankfully these are very inexpensive.

I would make the bracelets again, just on a much smaller scale. I also found adding the ribbon was necessary to keep the bracelet secured to the wrist.

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