Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Part of moving to a new city brings also finding a new church. We were very lucky to find a great church in Richmond. It really did feel like a second home to our family, which made it very hard to leave.
We have however at the suggestion of a dear friend found another promising church here in Franklin TN. I don't want to mention the pastor or church. We are struggling a bit with it and are unsure if we should stick it out or try another. It is a church in transition, the pastor is retiring after 25 years. A hard thing for the church community that is for sure. Our children have enjoyed their time at Sunday School and we like the atmosphere and what the church is doing. It is a church in the same denomination as our last so we do understand the underlying theology. The pastor however is the utter definition of loquacious. That is why we are struggling. He seems to be taking his last few months to instruct the church on how they should proceed. I do get some things out of what he is saying but often times are very distracted as I have no recollection on how it was before.

I did despite the above have a profound (for me) thought. I constantly feel restless. Like I am not doing enough, being good enough, etc. Part of that is my personality. I like to please, always have and always will. I see that in my daughter too.
It came to me while sitting in church listening to Revelations 2:1-7 and the pastor preaching that it is okay to feel restless. Even better, I am supposed to feel this way. We live in a fallen world, a sinful world and I shouldn't feel totally settled. I should rejoice and look forward to the time I will be called into Heaven. I can use the restless feeling to HIS glory. I don't know if you ever feel that sense of not belonging, of not feeling settled. I believe this is the Holy Spirit calling us to come into a relationship with Him. He uses this restlessness as a call to come, listen, and understand why all hope is in HIM and Grace can be accepted fully and completely. There is a reason that when praying you feel peace and a sense of steadiness. There is a reason that living in a fallen unstable world the Bible has lasted and been stable for so long! He is calling to us, to hear his word and find peace during his presence.

Thank you for listening and I truly pray that it will bring some light into your life and draw you closer to Him.

Until next time.
Blessings to you!

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  1. Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. ~ Ovid (43 BC - 17 AD)