Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I always make resolutions each year. No I don't always fulfill them and I always mean to write them down but never do. Before our trip back "home" to Richmond VA I purchased a Scrapbook magazine to read while on the trip. I got inspired by the last photo in the magazine. Here is the project as pictured.

I am hoping that crafting my resolutions and publicly displaying them will hold me to them. So far so good!
My finished product consisted of the 7 Gypsies Receipt holder which I purchase from Three Peas in a bucket as well as some paper and findings. Below is my finished product. I really like it and it sits proudly on my bare mantle right now.

Here is the list of my resolutions, now they are out there in "blog land" so I have to hold true to them! :-)

Family: Family Game night weekly.
Physical: Yoga Three times a week.
Home: Finish Katherine's Room, Paint Emmett's room, Install Gallery Wall.
Spiritual: Prayer journal weekly, start a group bible study or one on my own.
Work: Weekly blog entries, formalize ideas for a business I have been thinking of for 5+ years.

Hope this post finds everyone fulfilling your resolutions! Remember we have a fresh start every day!

Until next time!

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