Sunday, January 15, 2012

Folding card fanatic!

I post recently that I have discovered folded cards. There are a vast amount of tutorials as well as videos out there. Also I realize that folded cards have been done before but I just recently found the confidence to try them. They are addicting.
I discovered two that I really am in love with. The examples are below. As I perfect my techniques I am hoping to make some videos and post them. I find videos more helpful to me especially when trying to execute the folded cards. For these two cards I used my Cricut (Nate's ABCs, Walk in My Garden and From my Kitchen). On the card with the car I added some of my stampin up stamps. I love the mix of the Cricut bits with the stamp bits and plan on doing more of this.

Hope this post finds everyone snug and cozy and crafting at home! We finally had a burst of cold weather here in Nashville and it even snowed!! Okay only about 2", and maybe not even that but it finally feels like winter here. We had a near 60 day followed by a 26 degree day! For those with bodies that respond negatively to temperature changes I know you feel my pain!! :-)
Until the next post! Cheers!! :-) hehe

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