Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Country Living Fair / Post 3

13) I loved this idea. This vendor took old books and used the covers and some of their pages, along with blank pages for journals. He used damaged books or those recycled from libraries.
14) Burlap & Lace. I really like the formality of lace pair with the utilitarian burlap. These were simple table runners. There were also place mats and matching napkins.
15) & 18) Quilts. I have never really been one to quilt nor have I had an interest in quilting until this trip. There were so many quilts on display. This vendor had a lot of kits available as well as other kits.
16) There were quite a few vendors selling their own pottery. This gentleman had his potter's wheel on display and I do believe there was an HGTV crew filming him so maybe we will see him on TV. He did a great job of explaining his process.
17) More fabric pumpkins! I actually fell in love with this one which has a pocket. I think this has made it on my to make list!

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