Sunday, April 24, 2011

Window into a Menu

I inherited two old windows from my Grandfather's estate. Not exactly
every one's cup of tea but to me they were two wonderful treasures. One window I turned into a mirror. The other was hanging in my old mudroom as a whiteboard. I found the whiteboard material at Lowes. The quality was never that good, it was hard work getting the ink off so we rarely used it.

I have tried several different vinyl blackboards on my pantry door only to have them either to be terribly off center or it tore. I got the idea to cover the white board in blackboard to use it as my menu planner. I purchased the adhesive blackboard material at Michaels for under $5.
I love the outcome and the fact that I now can look at my grandfather's window everyday. In the process I also discovered chalk ink (Wet Wipe). I always wondered how markets could get such creative and smooth lines on their chalkboards! I truly am in love! :-)
Of course now my creative mind is now turning over all the other things I can cove in blackboard adhesive! I will be sure to post.

A couple of tricks working with this. Go slowly! Use an old credit card or pastry scraper to smooth it down while putting the blackboard "contact paper" on. It tears very easily so if you need to re-position it tread lightly.

So whats on my menu this week? Stay tuned I'll post it tomorrow! :-)


  1. It looks great. Where did you put the window?

  2. Cute idea! I saw you on Sew Many Ways, I started a linky giveaway, I'd be honored if you'd post your idea there on my blog,
    Thanks, Sandy!

  3. I have been looking for this, I loved to read your article. You must be putting a lot of time into your blog!