Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Home!!!

Well our 4 + month wait to sell our home finally paid off. We are under contract and boy does it feel good (most of the time). I don't remember another time in my life when my emotions were on a roller coaster, not even during my two pregnancies!

If all goes well we close on our existing house at the end of February and make our way to Brentwood TN closing on our new home on March 1st. Yes I said new home! We are very blessed to have everything fall into place so wonderfully. God is so in the details as I am very fully aware that this was not done of my own will.

Here are some pictures of our new home. I am so excited to share these and hope that this year i will be able to share with all of you my decorating journey!

Soon it will be what color, fabric should I use! I can't wait for that. Right now though I am overwhelmed with all the things that I will need to accomplish before the 25th. But if you have any color recommendations please post them. I have tried a variety of greens by digitally covering the areas on my computer but can't seem to come up with a color that really speaks to me for the kitchen/great room!
I do have a few crafts/DIY items to post before boxing up this house so stay tuned!


  1. Well Congratulations! Your new home looks amazingly beautiful.

  2. Such a pretty new home. The paint color in my kitchen that you asked about is rosemary sprig by Benjamin Moore.