Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye and moving on!

This past week as we prepare to make our move to Nashville TN I have been on a rollar coaster of emotions. If you could hug a house I would. I realized this week how much I put into my house both literally and figuratively! :-) Yes I look forward to starting over in a new home and the home we have the fortune and opportunity to purchase is wonderful. But this is the home where I brought my babies home to. This is the home I have laughed, cried, mourned, held celebrations, dinners made so many memories in. It is near impossible to picture another family here doing the same thing.
I also want to warn those entering the real estate market to be careful. We had to major hiccups that I truly thought were going to make every hair on my head turn gray! Two areas to watch out for; Appraisers and Banks. We had the unfortunate luck of getting a highly incompetent appraiser. You might think well no big deal you request a different one. Yeah one would think in a fair and just world this would be true but no it isn't. Secondly banks can do almost anything they want to like pulling a loan out from under you at the last minute! :-)
I plan on keeping everyone up to date on our progress but it might take a little while. Hope every one is eagerly awaiting spring as much as I am.


  1. Best of luck with your upcoming adventure! Looking forward to reading all about it!


  2. Moving is one of life's biggest stresses! Best of luck to you.