Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can you guess what this is made from?

I have had numerous comments on the way I display my holiday cards. I LOVE mail. I mean I even can detect the sound of the mail truck before it reaches my neighborhood. So needless to say I really enjoy getting all the holiday cards in the mail. It seems such a shame to me to put them in a basket, or a pile somewhere. I am not sure exactly where I got this idea but here is a picture of how I display my cards.

If you guessed a tomato cage you were right. I spray painted the cage white and turned it upside down. I put felt pads used for furniture and other objects on the bottom to not scratch my hardwood floor. I twisted the top portion together and secure with some floral wire. I glued some ribbons using a hot glue gun into the larger wooden bowl found at the craft store (which I had painted and glittered) and then glued the small bowl on top (actually the bottom of the bowl). This went on top of the "tree". Then using a variety of ribbons, I lost count at how many rolls, I tied all the ribbons around the rings of the "tree". This way I could have the tree out without it looking plain. I use small wooden clothes pins to attach the cards as I receive them to the ribbons and the tree itself.

Having two children born both in February I usually keep it out to display their birthday cards too.
By the way it is really hard to find tomato cages in the dead of winter. I did manage to find them at a local Southern States store. So if you get the urge to create this you might wait until the spring!

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