Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teacher Gift Contiued

So once all my cards we created I wanted to find a creative way to package the cards. I saw a smaller version of this in my stash of ideas from Better Homes and Gardens magazine years back (I will post about my idea stash later). For Thanksgiving I made 15 Apple cobblers using the Sam's club package of sliced apples. Never one to throw anything even remotely useful away, I saved the huge tin cans that were leftover. I mean come on how many times am I going to make 15 apple cobblers (I am hoping not more than once a year)! So I purchased un-sharpened #2 pencils and using my glue gun, covered the exterior of the can with pencils. I also created some decorations using my cricut machine and Creative Memories Scrapbook software.

Here is the step by step:
You need a tin can, un-sharpened pencils and a glue gun. If you want to you can use fabric to line the interior and create a bag like I did.

The first step is to line your tin can, using your choice of fabric make a tube and run a gathering edge along one side of the tube. Depending on your can will depend on the fabric you choose. Gather the end of the fabric to make a circle then using your glue gun glue this down. Don't worry about the hole, we will cover this in the next step.

Using a 3" whole punch (or any other circular cutting tool), cut a circle out of heavy card stock. Glue this down using your glue gun onto the open hole. Next start gluing your pencils to your can. A couple of pointers; use the bottom "lip" of the can to ensure the bottom edge is straight. Also stop frequently to check to ensure your pencils are going straight.

After you are finished you can glue a ribbon around the container and you have a unique Teacher container. You can fill it will just about anything! I saw this used originally to hold a bouquet of flowers.

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