Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Giving Tree!

This stamp set should have been named the Giving Tree!

I am so in love the with the Stampin’ Up Sheltering Treestamp set.  Not only do I love the actual tree and it’s accessories but the sayings that come with it too.  Being the frugal person I am I love to stretch my dollar.  This stamp set fits the bill.
An example of the different cards I have created with the set are below.  

In April I am planning a class to create three different cards using this one stamp set.  We will be making 5 of each which totals 15 cards. 

In addition to making the 15 cards I will show you how to package it all up for a wonderful handmade gift.  This is by far my favorite teacher gift to give.  First it doesn't cost me much but my time and second I know they won't receive another just like it!

After the class I will be offering kits with instructions to make the cards.  So even if you are far away from Nashville you can quickly and easily create these unique handmade items.

I am always available for questions so feel free to drop me a note whenever you want!

Also don't forget the give away that you and a friend can pick three handmade cards from my Etsy Shop!  Go here for the give away and to enter.

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