Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I’m just starting out with stamping, what do I need to get me started?

I get this question a lot and if you have been intimidated to get your feet wet with stamping then you would be overwhelmed if I just handed you a catalog and said here let me know what you want!
In fact even though creativity literally runs through my blood and my dreams I was very much intimidated by this medium.  Here is a list of some items that will be sure to set you on the road to success as well as last you through years of stamping!

This item allows you to clean all your stamps; I have had mine for over 10 years and only recently starting using another.

Stampin’ Mist (Item#102394 $4.95) & Stampin Mist Refill (Item#101022 $9.50)
You spray one side of your stampin’ scrub pad leaving the other dry.  The solution cleans the ink off your stamps after stampin’ allowing you to use a different color immediately.  If you have ever stamped in the “olden days” then you will remember having to actually wash your stamps off and wait for them to dry.  This is so much better.

Clear Block Starter Bundle (Item 129851 $19.95)
I highly recommend the photopolymer stamps and/or the clear mount stamps.  These allow you to see through onto your stamping surface.  Once you select which stamp set you like then you will need these blocks.  They can be used over and over again. 
Stampin’ Up offers a clear block cleaning cloth which works wonderful however I use a diaper wipe which I will gush over the uses for in a different post!

Ink Pads & Paper
I love the Stampin’ Up ink pads & paper.  After years of stamping and paper crafting you start to figure out what you like to work with.  There are times that inexpensive lightweight paper is perfect.  In card making you want your card base to be sturdy.  You can’t beat the price or quality of their paper.  Additionally their ink pads take a beating but keep on giving.  I have had several sets of ink pads for well over 8 years now and they are still inking up my stamps.
With all that said I recommend choosing the ink pad and paper kits.  The Cardstock & Ink Pad Kits come in two different color themes.  They are a both $29.95 and you get 20 sheets of paper (4 in each color) and  5 ink pads.
The more Earth toned colored kit: #133673, and the pastel/bright color kit: #131204

If you purchased all the above, the total cost (without tax) would be $81.30.  Keep in mind, everything but the paper you will use every time you stamp!

Get a great starter kit now as it is Sale-A-Bration time which means free stuff!!!  Which means every time you order $50 worth of items you get a free product!  Just click the link at right or contact me and I will help you order!

Now it’s time to choose your stamps!  This is the most fun part!!! Stay tuned as I will post my favorites tomorrow!  Plus I’ll have a free giveaway to enter!

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