Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry , ,so sorry

I apologize for the time between posts. I have good reasons though! The good and bad news is we are in the process of hopefully moving! :-) My husband has his own business which is great . .especially since he has been able to work from home for 8 years. His business is growing and he is needed in Nashville TN! So we have a wonderful house for sale in a suburb of Richmond VA.

In addition to being gone most of August, getting kids ready then settled into school, some off and on health issues and preparing a house for sale I have been a little distracted. Our home has been on the market for not quite 30 days and while the interest has been great no offers yet.

So I am soliciting advice on how to cope with two kids, a hubby who is traveling and keep a company afloat, all while trying to sell a house! :-)

If you have lived, or do live in Nashville some local information would be awesome. We are looking at houses sporadically but it is hard to do util we have a contract on our home here.

Here is a picture of my home for 10 years!

We have done some great updating and I will post later on some of our house features I love! But first could use some advice! Here are two areas in the home that I am debating to paint over. I hate to as they were both labors of love but I am realistic that it doesn't appeal to everyone.

The first up is in my family room. We have a large wall over the sofa and couldn't afford a large piece of art or many frames to fill the space at the time. I painted a block of color then highlighted the edge with a freehand detail to bring in the colors in the rest of the house. I have all intentions of conveying the frames with the house so the future owners could put their photos into the frames. But realistically I know not everyone likes these colors. My hubby is voting for putting a sign that says we could paint over it prior to closing. What do you all think?

The second area in question is the dining room. It is one of the first rooms I finished in the house. I stenciled the border (10 step process) but so worth it in my book. Our realtor is afraid potential buyers might think it is a wallpaper border. I haven't wanted or had the heart to paint over it! What is your opnion paint over it or leave it and offer to paint over it upon purchase. (By the way we have all the paint to paint over or have provie the future owners).


  1. My advice, I would only paint over the family room area and leave what is in the dining room. When showing the house the realtor should indicate the dining room is just stenciled and not a wallpaper border. I hope the house sells quickly.

  2. I would leave it as is, it is lovely and if the buyer doesn't like it can always make their own changes which they usually do anyway.
    Good Luck....:-) Hugs

  3. I would leave both as is - your decorating is so pretty - it adds to the ambience of your home. When I have looked at homes to purchase, if I haven't liked the decor, I always know I can paint over it. AND if YOU offer to paint it, you have appealed to both those that like it AND to those that want to change it. Just my 2 cents!

  4. I would also leave as is, but just make sure the realtor mentions when showing that you'd be happy to paint it if requested. Love the pop of red in the family room!

  5. Your home is beautiful! But you now need to think of it as a house, hopefully someone's else's house. Follow your realtor's advice. She is thinking without her heart and with her purse. She wants it filled with a commission and would not lead you astray.

  6. Sadly after all of your hard work you really need to paint over it. All of the "sell this house" shows on cable these days says make your house more generic so that buyers can see their own things in it...& painting is one of the easiest ways & cheapest ways to do that. declutter also if need be.
    You do have a lovely home. I hope it sells quickly. (i have been a reader...never a commenter before today, but i do enjoy your blog)