Friday, August 13, 2010

Freebie Friday!

Hope this finds everyone doing well and looking forward to the end of summer as much as I am. I will be traveling heavily the next few weeks off and on so it will be hard for me to do many more freebie Fridays until September. I will try but forgive me if I am not able to! :-)

I have two wonderful children who decided to make their earthly debut both in February. This past birthday I had a lot of fun creating their themed birthday invitations using my Storybook software from Creative Memories.

My son's theme was rockets, he LOVES rockets and is in a different colored "rocket" each night as he blasts off to bed. My daughter loves Barbies so of course this was her theme.

I wanted to share these two invitations with you to show you how you can create wonderful invitations at a fraction of the cost on your own. I haven't purchased invitations or cards for years now.

The rocket invitation below was put together by hand but all the pieces were created on my computer or cut out using my Cricut machine (the greatest hubby on earth gave this to me for Christmas!). The Freebie part of this is the rocket image. Believe it or not I created this totally digitally using the storybook software. I just used the shape tools and cut the shapes I knew I wanted. So feel free to download this and use for your little astronaut!

The Barbie Party we had for my 7 year old daughter was so much fun! I planned a ton of games and will create a post regarding this party soon. If you are planning a barbie party for this age group I have the whole thing planned! Below is her invitation. The Freebie part are the three Barbie pictures. I created this line drawing by hand and scanned into my computer then imported into my Storybook software. My daughter and I had a blast digitally changing her dress color, shoes, present colors etc . . . So let your inner diva have fun with these images or share it with your Barbie lover in your family.

I hope you all enjoy these images and if you love to create your own cards feel free to use these to create some cards. My daughter loves to color her own Barbie in and also use some of my scraps of fabric to dress her barbie! She cuts the fabrics out and glues them on with a glue stick!
Have fun & I hope to post more frequently soon!!!

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