Monday, August 29, 2016

A venture away from cards!

So I know mostly (like 99%) of my posts are regarding card and paper crafting. I do however venture outside the realm of paper!  I love making costumes for my kids. In the past it's been Cinderella, Ariel etc....then it was Wall-E and Thomas the train. As my son has gotten older we have ventured to transformers and video game characters. Not exactly my niche. 

However knowing my costume making for the kids are numbered I gave forayed outside my comfort zone into the world of cosplay!  Enter into the world of EVA foam. Oh it's been fun. Here are the chest and back plates for my son's destiny inspired armor. 

I'm currently working on the shin guards and knee pads. Will post more soon. Who knew I'd be using my heat gun for something other than embossing on paper!

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