Thursday, April 2, 2015

Give me some space please!
Dreaded words usually spoken when dealing with people however when working with paper sometimes it's the best move you can make!

When Making the below card I completed a study of white space, unknowingly!

Originally I had created the main part to look like this:

I played with it on my card and quickly realized something was wrong, it just wasn't working.  It was a great lesson in giving your work a little space around it. So I tried again and it still wasn't enough space.

I finally settled on . . . . . .

This ended up what I went with, just the right amount of space but not enough to make the tree feel like it's floating and nothing grounding it.  In addition I like the element of three which usually is a good rule of thumb when designing anything visual.  The treetop, the swing and then the saying.  If you examine it closer you notice your eye goes in a circle which is why the saying works better at an angle to carry your eye around the front of the card.
The below picture illustrates the differences well.

So the next time you are stamping and planning, play around with the space surrounding your work.  You may just find that you need to give it some space!

Hope this gives you food for thought for your next project!


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