Sunday, April 18, 2010

Architectural find for vintage hankies!

Here is my latest find at a consignment store here in the Richmond, VA area. It used to be the side of an old play pen. I have immersed myself in vintage this year (well since Christmas). I have amassed a great collection of vintage hankies and they were in a box in my craft closet. This seemed the perfect way for me to display my collection, and getting instant inspiration from them. I loved it so much I went back and purchased the other side! I also have such a pet peeve when I see stuff like this on other's blogs, like that is great but hmmm actually how can I use this idea. Well the next time you pass over that baby crib, ladder, side of an old fence, iron fence . .you get the idea, think of this. I purchased the other one to hang some of my magazines on another wall. (Will post once that is installed)! You could hang blankets, fabric, paper, scarves . .oh so many options!!! :-)

1 comment:

  1. I love it. I didn't know you went back for the other side.